Comments by Laura Truffaut

December 17, 2015: from Laura Truffaut to the author. Published by permission. I finished The Broken Places last week; the reading truly resonated with me. The second half especially is so vivid and fast-paced. I imagine that your original screenplay [which her father, François Truffaut, read] had necessarily much less backstory on your own character and[…]

Review by Kathleen Spaltro, Pearson Intranet Website

November, 2015: “Review of The Broken Places: A Memoir by Joseph McBride” Reviewed by Kathleen Spaltro, Pearson Intranet Website. An acquaintance of mine, the distinguished biographer and film historian Joseph McBride, just published his memoirs. Besides dealing with emotional disability before, during, and after being institutionalized in a mental hospital in his adolescence, McBride has diagnosed himself[…]